28th Apr

3 Most Important Features You Should Look For While Purchasing A Flat

Purchasing your own flat means investing all your life’s savings into it. Infact, buying a flat is not only one of the most important lifetime decis
20th Apr

Top Areas In Kolkata For Buying A Property

Kolkata is considered one of the most profitable property markets in India according to real estate developers. The city has witnessed incredible grow
15th Apr

Investing in Kolkata’s real estate market is a smart choice: Know why

According to market research, real estate is the most profitable market in India that guarantees hefty returns. Selecting the right place for investme
10th Apr

Best Waste Management Practices For Your Home

India generates more than 50 million tonnes of garbage every day. Out of this, almost 45 million tonnes of garbage are dumped untreated in the landfil
31st Mar

5 legal aspects to consider before investing in real estate

Planning to invest in real estate? Well done! You have made a great decision. However, there are few things that you need to recheck and consider lega
25th Mar

Home Loan Benefits For Women In India

This is the age of women empowerment. The government and other bodies are coming up with new sets of rules and regulations to promote financial indepe
18th Mar

Why is real estate investment a safe game?

Every investment has some kind of risk factor attached to it. However, while compared to the stock market or similar other risky industries, real esta
1st Mar

Top 5 Interior Decorators In Kolkata

Do you want a house that is beautifully decorated with the right interiors? If so, then this blog is going to be very helpful for you. The right kind
25th Feb

Top 5 Schools In New Town – Kolkata

Cities are getting more congested with every passing day and no one likes commuting over long distances. While looking for a new property, home seeker
23rd Feb

The 4 Most Expensive Houses In India

Do you know that the most expensive house in India is worth almost 2 million dollars and is spread across 400,000 square feet? Since the last decade,