7th Aug

Live Life King-Size At The Helious Mansion

A mansion is a large dwelling house. The word derives through Old French from the Latin word ‘mansio’ which means ‘dwelling’. While technicall
29th Jul

Make Your Dream Home Monsoon Ready

Waking up to little drizzles cooling off the scorching summer heat? While that drops in a token of relief, monsoon does have oddities of its own. Undo
23rd Jul

Measures Taken By Sun Asticus To Combat COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is truly a global phenomenon with almost the entire population of the world now living under a lockdown quarantine. The short-te
20th Jul

COVID-19 Has Changed The Way We See Our Homes

The COVID-19 lockdown has made all of us stay indoors—invariably, we have and are still spending a lot of time observing our surroundings and someti
17th Jul

From Furniture Business To 6,93,300 sq.ft. of Residential Real-Estate Company

Kolkata, 2009, an idea was born. An idea to produce well-made, exquisitely detailed furniture for well-furnished homes. A decade and a year and a half
30th Dec

Top 10 Things To Remember Before Buying A New Flat

Every one of us has dreamt of buying their own house at a very young age. Now, that your clock is ticking, you are pro
30th Dec

Home Re-modelling – Issues You Are Likely To Face

Home renovation undoubtedly is quite exciting as it is a preparation to make your abode even more beautiful. But with
30th Dec

Here’s How To Buy A Flat With A Student Loan Debt

Buying a house in itself is a daunting task, which gets all the more difficult if you have a student loan debt. Statis